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4.4 stars | 207 reviews
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4.4 stars | 207 reviews
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Your Arden, NC butcher and more: specialty meat market, food and wine selections for any occasion!

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Derek Seib
3 weeks ago
Great meaty sandwiches, perfectly marbled steak, crab cakes as big as your fist, and an assortment of homemade sides that are mouthwatering. They know what they are doing and will set you up for success. Individualized,...
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Zahra Hussein
3 weeks ago
They have Halal steaks/lamb/beef bacon. Cillian was so helpful - walked us through our options and cut our steak exceptionally well.
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James Molleur
2 months ago
I would like to update my previous review with.....I absolutely love this place! They had problems during covid but the new owners know what they are doing. The cuts are amazing and the staff very friendly. You can pick up...
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Pam weeks
2 months ago
Took a baked spaghetti meal to my son's family after he had surgery. They were so grateful and said the entire meal was delicious. Thank you all of you that helped me with this. I will be back!!!
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2 months ago
I haven’t seen a more helpful staff or quality of meat, veggies, potatoes salad, lasagna, soups, etc., since I lived in the Midwest relating to a butcher shoppe. The Italian sandwich I got was hands down the best I’ve NC. I...
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Sarah Hill
3 months ago
Thank you Cillian for letting us hang up our flyer! And for the treats!!
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We select only the best beef available from the highest quality Angus programs in the country. Greenville NY Butcher Shoppe cuts are always Top Choice or Prime which provides well marbled, very tender, consistent steaks. Each week we feature a different specialty item, from Wagyu beef to custom meat grinds, to ensure you have something fresh and delicious to take home each day.

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Wine Selection

Complete your meal with New York Butcher Shoppe's curated collection of high-end wines. From the refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, to the full-bodied Viognier, to a light and classic Pinot Grigio or Riesling, each wine is meticulously chosen to elevate your dining affair. Indulge in the robust reds like Bordeaux, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon, or a light-bodied Pinot Noir - be sure to ask our staff for their latest recommendations. Complete your celebration with your choice of Champagne and end the evening with a dessert wine. Be sure to explore unique gourmet mixers, local craft selections, and small-batch tonic for an exquisite touch to your libations.

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Specialty Grocery

Elevate your pantry with a curated selection of specialty items, such as gourmet pastas, specialty cheeses, and high-quality vegetables. Our options are perfect for creating exquisite charcuterie boards, thoughtful gifts, or enhancing your culinary repertoire. In addition to unique condiments and premium cuts of meat, we stock our shelves with international grocery items and seasonings to bring extra flavor to every kitchen. Stop by to add a touch of sophistication to your dinner table.

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Prepared Meals

Simplify your culinary adventure with New York Butcher Shoppe's exquisite ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook prepared foods - where every dish is available for easy ordering or convenient pickup. All of our recipes are crafted in house to offer a tantalizing range of options for every palate. We offer classic options like seasoned and stuffed meats, salads, and sides, but be sure to check out our rotating menu of specialty and seasonal meals. Share our home-cooked delights with your crew tonight!

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Butcher In Arden, NC

Get ready for a prime experience you won’t forget anytime soon. New York Butcher Shoppe is a butcher providing our customers with delicious gourmet foods. Whether you’re hungry for one of our prepared foods or fresh meat, we’re prepared to serve you an unforgettable meal every time you visit us.


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A memorable meal awaits you at New York Butcher Shoppe. Join us for lunch or dinner today!

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4.4 stars | 207 reviews
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